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We are thrilled to invite our closest family and friends to the incredible island of Sri Lanka. Please RSVP by 1st of August.

Your presence on our special day is the greatest present we could ask for. We appreciate the effort involved in joining us for our wedding, so please, no gifts.


Things to remember 

To make sure your trip goes a smoothly as possibly please take note of the following

Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA)

For Australian and other foreign passports it is a requirement to get an ETA prior to travelling. You can organise your ETA at




Some vaccines are recommended or required for Sri Lanka, we recommend consultation with a travel Doctor to understand if you require any vaccines prior to departure.

Getting around

As Sri Lankans say, in order to drive around the island you’ll need three things: “good horn, good brakes, good luck". There are many options to get around the island, Uber also works fine and is a predicable and hassle-free way to pay. Factor unpredictable travel conditions into your plans.

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